“Let’s begin by saying you can learn to surf on whatever board you like, but some are easier to surf on than others. So selecting the right one will maximise how fast you will pick up learning to surf. So in short if you want to progress quickly, a beginner surfboard such as the soft board or Foamie is the perfect learn to surf board.

Why do surf schools teach on a soft surfboard? Because they are highly buoyant which makes them easier to stand up and catch waves and they are made of soft foam so if you happen to hit yourself on the board then the soft material will minimise your injuries. They are super stable on the water usually due to the wide dimensions enabling a new surfer to stand up easier than say a fiberglass surfboard which has less buoyancy”.  Read more about selecting your first surfboard and advise for beginner surfers on our blog.

Weekend Warrior Outdoors are located in Erina on the Central Coast of NSW however will provide delivery for softboards across most areas of Australia including Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne.