SUP All Rounder

Stand Up Paddle Board All Rounder

When looking for a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) that is able to perform well when flat paddling and in surf conditions, our All Rounder model is a great option. It is versatile, designed for beginner surfers. Its width of 31 to 33 inches combined with the thickness of the board offers great stability. The lengths we offer – 10 feet and 11.4 feet – are perfect for gliding through the water or heading out to surf the waves.

Our Cruiser SUP Range is available in 3 sizes:

10‘ Cruiser:
The smallest length of our Cruiser boards, the Elite model is ideal for people looking for a smaller length for standup paddling yet able to perform well in surf conditions. When turning and riding waves, the Elite model’s classic lines and soft edges make navigation easy.

10’ 6” Cruiser:
One of our most popular models, the Elite Cruiser earns its popularity by being one of the most versatile sizes in our range. A wide body design and round tail allow the board to be both stable and easy to ride. Comparing it to a performance board, it has all the basic design elements, enabling it to perform well in surf conditions.

11’ 4” Cruiser:
If you are a heavy paddler or you have a child with you, this is the board for you as it can hold up to 120 kg. of weight. Add to this feature the fact that it is a very stable board, having loads of floatation, and you have arrived at the ideal choice for flat paddling. The longer board will increase your speed to get you from point A to point B faster when compared to shorter boards.

All our Rounder Cruiser models are available in Airbrush, Bamboo, and Wood Veneer designs.