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10 Newbie mistakes made by paddleboarders

Anyone who has ever admired the stamina of paddle boarders (or stand up paddle boarders to be more precise) has usually thought that it looks so easy – so why don’t I give it a go?

Well, paddle boarding is a really fun sport and it won’t take you very long to get the hang of it. There are, however, a few mistakes that all newbies make, so if you want to look like a professional on your board, make sure to avoid these 10 mistakes.

The following equipment for stand up paddle boarding is important

Equipment for stand up paddle boarding

CMP Boards Australia designs and makes high-quality stand-up paddleboards that are customised for the Australian environment. Weekend Warriors at Berkeley Vale and Erina are in charge of the distribution of these paddle boards for sale. CMP offers paddle boards for both amateurs and experienced users. The great artistry employed in making the boards is worth checking out. The boards are available at our showroom at Erina. We offer a range of paddle boards for sale and this assures you of getting something that matches your taste and needs.

inflatable vs epoxy stand up paddle board

How to choose between Epoxy SUP and Inflatable SUP paddle boards

With both Epoxy SUP and Inflatable SUP boards providing their own individual set of benefits, it can be a difficult choice in deciding which type best fits your individual needs and priorities.

If you’re looking for ease of convenience, then an inflatable SUP offers a greater advantage. But if you don’t have the time to set up an inflatable board every time you go out and want to get on the water straight away then a rigid board provides better advantages. Performance, comfort, storage and convenient conveyance are some of the other important criteria that your purchasing choice depends on. Let’s have a closer look.

Setting up your Stand up Paddle Board Fin and Legrope

So you just got your new CMP Stand up Paddleboard and you have never installed a fin before. I am hearing you! It can be a little tricky to figure out so we have created a short video on how to install a fin. Also we have put together a quick guide to putting on the legrope which might save you a little time if you have never done this before.

SUP Fin Set up Guide

To install your Centre fin follow these steps:

  1. Remove the screw and aluminium plate from the fin
  2. Slide the aluminium plate into the recessed track in the fin box
  3. Put the aluminium plate as far forward so that it ensures the process is easier later
  4. Put the fin into the fin box. Slide the brass pin to the bottom of the opening and slide the fin backwards to the desired position
  5. The final step is to push the front of the fin into the fin box. With the provided philips head screw attach the fin to the aluminium plate.

To install your Side Fins:

  1. The side fins are placed in to the fin slot and the provided allens key will tighten the grub screw
    against the fin. The most important element of this process is to ensure you DON’T over tighten the grub
    So that is as simple as that!
    But now you have the leash and have no idea how that attaches to the board.

Setting up the Legrope on a SUP

A legrope is so important as when you fall off your stand up paddleboard you don’t want to have to swim after your board every time.
Follow our 4 Step Guide to attaching your legrope to your board:

  1. Get the rope at the end of the legrope and feed it through the leash plug
  2. Feed the leggie saver through the two loops of the rope
  3. Velcro the leggie saver up
  4. Put the legrope strap around your ankle and velcro it up. Now you are ready to hit the waves

Check out our short video below for visual reassurance you are doing it right.

So now it’s time to get paddling on your new stand up paddle board. Enjoy!

learning to surf

Our Top Ten Tips for Learning to Surf

Here are 10 tips for those wanting to learn to surf. Let’s just say these are tips to help you get started, but like any new sport it takes practice. So let’s help you get surfing those waves!

Watch the video as well.

delivery van

Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board Delivery To Brisbane

Our delivery information for a Kayak or Stand up Paddle board to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

So you live in Brisbane and are looking for a Kayak or Stand up Paddle board but don’t seem to be finding a deal to get you excited about?  Is freight to beautiful Brissie just too much or too risky with a big courier company?

We offer personalised service direct to your door and brilliant wholesale prices on our kayak and paddleboard range with great freight prices!

8 foot softboard cmp

Selecting Your First Surfboard – advice for beginner surfers.

Let’s begin by saying you can learn to surf on whatever board you like, but some are easier to surf on than others. So selecting the right one will maximize how fast you will pick up learning to surf. So in short if you want to progress quickly, a beginner surfboard such as the softboard or Foamie is the perfect learn to surf board.

Why do surf schools teach on a soft surfboard? Because they are highly buoyant which makes them easier to stand up and catch waves and they are made of soft foam so if you happen to hit yourself on the board then the soft material will minimize your injuries. They are super stable on the water usually due to the wide dimensions enabling a new surfer to stand up easier than say a fiberglass surfboard which has less buoyancy. DO NOT be fooled by the myth that starting on a normal fibreglass surfboard is just as easy!  NO NO NO!! Why do all surf schools teach on a softboard!!!

Getting started kayaking

Getting Started Kayaking and Basic Gear

New to kayaking? Looking for some fun on the water?

Here are some great tips to get your started. Easy to use and fun to paddle, kayaks open up vast new watery worlds to explore. You might find yourself floating above a sea of starfish, nosing through a lily-pad oasis, or rocking and rolling among the ocean waves. Ready to get out there? This article offers you tips from Weekend Warrior outdoors. Before You Set Out – You’ll have a much more enjoyable, and safer time on the water with a few key navigation, safety and paddling skills under your belt.

kayak safety

Product Safety

Safety requirements of using a Kayak, Paddle board and Water Vessel

When using any water vessel it is important to follow some basic safety information as follows:


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