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Step by step guide to choosing a surfboard 

Step by step guide to choosing a surfboard 

Whether you are an experienced or beginner surfer, it doesn’t matter, knowing how to choose a surfboard can make a huge difference in how you maneuver waves successfully. Choosing a surfboard can be quite a difficult task because of the vast array of surfboards which are being sold in the market today. There are many […]

The Top Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Current SUP Board

The Top Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Current SUP Board

Around Australia, the Weekend Warrior SUP boards (CMP) are known to be durable and thus can last for many years. There are several reasons, though, why you might want to consider upgrading your current paddleboard. Opting for a stand up paddle board upgrade can boost your experience to a significant extent. To determine if this […]

cmp sup crossover bamboo

10 Newbie mistakes made by paddleboarders

Anyone who has ever admired the stamina of paddle boarders (or stand up paddle boarders to be more precise) has usually thought that it looks so easy – so why don’t I give it a go? Well, paddle boarding is a really fun sport and it won’t take you very long to get the hang […]

The following equipment for stand up paddle boarding is important

Equipment for stand up paddle boarding

CMP Boards Australia designs and makes high-quality stand-up paddleboards that are customised for the Australian environment. Weekend Warriors at Berkeley Vale and Erina are in charge of the distribution of these paddle boards for sale. CMP offers paddle boards for both amateurs and experienced users. The great artistry employed in making the boards is worth […]

inflatable vs epoxy stand up paddle board

How to choose between Epoxy SUP and Inflatable SUP paddle boards

With both Epoxy SUP and Inflatable SUP boards providing their own individual set of benefits, it can be a difficult choice in deciding which type best fits your individual needs and priorities. If you’re looking for ease of convenience, then an inflatable SUP offers a greater advantage. But if you don’t have the time to […]

sup leg rope setup

Setting up your Stand up Paddle Board Fin and Legrope

So you just got your new CMP Stand up Paddleboard and you have never installed a fin before. I am hearing you! It can be a little tricky to figure out so we have created a short video on how to install a fin. Also we have put together a quick guide to putting on […]

Choosing an sup

Choosing The Right Sup Style

CMP Boards Australia was formed back in 2010 and Funky SUP’s in 2015. We are the manufacturer of these boards and have sold thousands over our eight years distributing these around Australia. This guide is for those that are new to paddle boarding and need some help with the differences in styles of paddleboards. ALL […]

sup care instructions

Care Instructions

Stand up Paddleboard Care Instructions AIR VENT The regulation of the internal air pressure on a Stand up Paddleboard is very important as it allows the core of the board to breathe. If you don’t have a vent then your board is sure to have problems either in de-laminating or internal damage from water on […]


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