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Catching Crabs on your Stand up Paddleboard

CMP SUP – Fun things to do on your Stand up Paddle Board

Weird. Fun. A little crazy. Sometimes a great feed too.  One of my favourite “out there” things to do on my Stand up Paddleboard is to go crabbing.

I had some down time on the Tuggerah Lakes catching some crabs on my stand up paddle board. Yes you heard it right, there are so many fun activities to do and this is just one of those. It was a very calm day so I got out the paddleboard and off I went.

Cmp Sup

I paddled out late on Saturday to put the traps out, with the old fish I managed to get off my brother in law who is a mad fisherman. I decided since it was late in the afternoon I would leave the traps out overnight and pulled them in on Sunday morning.  I managed to get three crabs which were a decent size.  The chilli crab for dinner was amazing, but it was the kids excitement of holding these crabs that was a great sight too.

Sometimes when I have more time I put the traps out and go for a paddle, then come back and check them 20 minutes later to test my luck. So you don’t need to always leave them out overnight.

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Paddle Board Crabbing tips

  • Take a light-weight crab trap so that you can carry it on your board.
  • Ensure you attach the rope securely to the crab net.
  • We used old fish for bait, you can also use chicken drumsticks or turkey necks.
  • Add some sort of weight to the pot so it does not drift.
  • Pick the crab up from the bum so you don’t get pinched.

Here is a great photo of Dan a loyal customer bringing in some Crabs on his CMP SUP

Paddle Board


Stand Up Paddleboard For Sale


This outdoor SUP activity is a lot of fun. Grab a crab trap, a CMP Stand up Paddleboard and some old fish and head out paddling.

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