Kayak Central Coast

Great Kayak Fishing Spots on the Central Coast

Kayak Central Coast  – The Perfect Kayak Fishing Spots

As keen kayakers we here at Weekend Warriors have come up with some great kayak fishing spots for you to explore around the Brisbane Water. This article is really for the Fishing Kayak enthusiast and a great place to kayak Central Coast.

Now the weather is starting to warm up, its time to grab the lures or bait, the fishing kayak and explore these great areas of the Brisbane Waters on the Central Coast of NSW.   A great location for an outing for Sydney kayak groups or Newcastle kayak paddlers to make a day of it.Central Coast Kayaks

Five Ideal Places to Kayak Central Coast

Hardy’s Bay

The Entrance to Hardy’s Bay is a great place to play around, with nice bream usually around the point between the two bay areas. The great thing about Hardy’s Bay is that you are usually protected from a lot of boat traffic and fairly protected from the wind as well. It is a great area for the kids as there is usually a lot of action just using worms or live nippers.

Rip Bridge

Fishing Kayak

This is a great spot but definitely one that need’s precautions, so you need to pick your spot and be careful. This section of the Brisbane water is very deep and as the name suggests there is a lot of water that moves through quite a small channel with a lot of current and tidal surges due to the change in depth directly under the bridge. The depth ranges from 10 feet under the bridge to 100 feet either side of the bridge.

Although many kayakers can be found around these areas fishing,  most head down on the Daley’s Point side about 250 metres from the bridge near where all the boats are moored. Often good sized whiting is here, also bream and flat head. They say plastics are good under the rip for jew fish and big lizards are plentiful as well.

In between Rip Bridge to Half  Tide Rocks

If flat head is on your mind then check out this part of Brisbane water. Even along the shore of Ettalong Beach when the tide is going out can get quite an amount of fish on hand. The sandbar is a popular spot in and around the weed.

Paddy’s Channel

Just north from the Rip Bridge you will find Paddy’s Channel which is a great family kayak fishing location. All your favorites can be caught here including bream and flat head.

Drifting in a kayak is perfect here, usually popular on the outgoing tide. Blood worms can be used here to catch great size whiting.  But I find drifting on the tide along the oyster racks on the left hand side the best all rounder kayak spot.

Narara and Erina Creek

Fishing Kayak Best

Narara Creek is really a perfect fishing kayak spot. Quality Bream, Flathead, Mullet and many crabs.

This spot is a real favourite for recreational kayakers and is somewhere you can really relax and an easy spot to take the kids kayaking. These areas tend to much quieter than many other spots in the Brisbane water so can be a great place to unwind and also on a good day bring in a good catch on your own.

I hope you venture to some of our great fishing locations in the Brisbane Water. If you are in the market for a fishing kayak visit our showroom at Berkeley Vale on the Central Coast of NSW or view our range of Fishing Kayaks.  We really encourage you to explore the beautiful waterways of the Central Coast.

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