Recreational Kayak

A recreational kayak is perfect as a beginners entry level kayak designed for flat paddling and family fun, perfect for calm waters and for the casual paddler.
These are available in single or double, sit-on-top and sit-in styles. Perfect for anglers, photographers or novices for the lake or river, these are usually less than 3.8 metres in length. These are not so good in windy conditions or currants so choose your conditions if taking them in the ocean or open water. The width of this style usually is 70-90cm which make this a stable choice and perfect for those shorter day trips.

We have various styles of recreational kayaks:


Pros: Very stable, easy to use, very affordable, short so maneuverable, perfect for a short day trip
Cons: They are not as fast as a touring kayak and don’t track as well so don’t perform as well as touring kayaks in the ocean, have limited dry storage