Performance Surfboard – Zig Zag

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Tap into your full potential with this high performance board.

The Zig Zag is a beautiful blend of rocker, performance curves and volume which creates a fast, all-rounder short board. Speed will always be at the back of this boards design feature, but the board will surf a variety of wave shapes and is sensitive to all areas of the wave.

Manufactured from PU this board offers maximum flex and manoeuvrability, strengthened further at the tail with a carbon wrap to offer strength and flex.


  • Surfboard – Zig Zag
  • Included with set of 5 Fins
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A high performance shortboard great for imperfect conditions.

The Zig Zag is a high performance short board suitable in inconsistent conditions and the board you will grab every day for a variety of wave shapes.

A board that is versatile in its design which allows more volume near the chest area and makes for more wave catching with easy paddling. This is helped by the single to double vee concave and rounded outline which adds to the floatation. Medium nose and tail rocker gives power when its needed.

A beauty in beach breaks as you accelerate through the turns and fast in 4-6 foot waves where you will move fast, snap hard and have so much fun. The ultimate in everyday conditions.

5’618 1/22 1/4 24L
5’818 1/22 1/4 25L
5’10192 1/2 28L
6′19 1/42 1/2 31L
6’219 3/42 1/2 34L
6’4202 3/4 36L
6’620 1/22 3/4 40L
  • Construction –  PU Fibreglass
  • Skill Level –       Beginner to Advanced
  • Fin System –      5 Fin Set up (can be used as twin, thruster or quad)
  • Tail Shape –       Round
  • Concave-            Single to Double


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