Kids Stand Up Paddle Board – Swirly Girly

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A little girls dream is a bright coloured paddleboard designed for surf conditions and flat water.

This is a totally unique range of kids boards that are a high quality epoxy. The size of 7’10 allows kids to turn and manoeuvre with ease. The built in carry handle allows for the kids to carry the board and a great benefit is it can fit in the back of a car with ease.

The classic shape makes this board super stable and a great board for all occasions.


  • 1 x 7’10” Swirly Girly Power Paddle Board
  • 1 x Kids Adjustable Aluminium Paddle
  • 1 x 8 Inch Single Centre Fin System
  • 1 x Deck Grip Included and 1 x 6 foot legrope
  • UPGRADE DEALS: Board Bag $50
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  • Funky SUP Kids range is dedicated to delivering a colourful, high quality range of epoxy boards at an affordable price
  • The size of the boards allows children to easily turn the board and is easy to carry and transport. Perfect for flat paddling and riding waves
  • A Single Fin system enables ample tracking for surf conditions due to the rounded square tail
  • The ergonomic finger handle is designed to be comfortable for easy carrying
  • Designed with a self regulating vent plug to relieve the build up of pressure in the core of the board
  • Lightweight 24kgs/sqm EPS high density core. The core is obviously the backbone of a board and so vital to the production of a quality SUP. Cheap Paddle boards do not last and so make sure a SUP has a high density core
  • All our boards are bamboo vacuum bagged wood sandwich construction
  • Classic lines with soft edges is perfect for turning on waves
  • These are durable boards, constructed using a 3 layer system of 6 once Epoxy Resin and a high gloss hand polished finish


  • Length –  7’10” x 29′ Wide x 4 1/4 Thick
  • Volume – 140 Litres
  • Capacity – 60kg


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