All Rounder Paddle Board – Groovin Bluz


Funky SUP All Rounder are designed to capture a fun colourful range that suit flat water and small waves.

This classic board in the popular Groovin Bluz colour is equipped with a flat mid section for loads of stability, the full nose shape with a small rocker to allow ease of entry onto a wave. The soft rails and refined shape allow the board to glide easily on flat water or those rolling waves. The rounded square tail allows you to carve up that wave should you desire and easily turns with the single fin system.


  • Groovin Bluz Design Paddle Board in 10, 10’6 or 11’2.
  • Adjustable aluminium paddle
  • 10 foot legrope
  • Single Centre Fin System with 8 Inch Fin
  • Heavy Duty Diamond deck grip
  • UPGRADE DEALS: Board Bag $50 and Carbon Paddle $100
    • +50 $
    • +100 $
    • +40 $
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Epoxy Timber SUP Construction

Are you looking for a paddleboard for sale that is affordable, high quality and a great design?

An impressive all rounder paddle board that can surf the waves and is ultra stable on flat water.

Proving to be popular is the Funky SUP range with it’s refined shape and versatility to use across various conditions. With a full outline combined with generous width offers those new to paddling plenty of stability. For more experienced paddlers the slight concave in the nose which extends to the tail maximises turning capabilities. The tail is drawn in so that it can be used perfectly in waves up to head height, with its single fin.

Funky SUP’s is among only a few companies in Australia producing boards using the latest Advanced Compression Technology.  This is the way of the future of epoxy paddleboards, which are manufactured using a compression mold. This state of the art technology makes a board 30% stronger and around 2kg lighter.


All Rounder 10’10”32”4’ 1/2”170 Ltr1 Box 8 InchUp to 85kg
All Rounder 10’6”10’6”32”4’ 1/2”180 Ltr1 Box 8 InchUp to 95kg
All Rounder 11’2”11’2”33”4’ 3/4”210 Ltr1 Box 8 InchUp to 120kg


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