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5 Tips On Why You Should Invest in a Foam Surfboard?

If you are tossing up whether to add a foam surfboard to your collection of surfboards and are not sure if this is necessary, we can help you understand if you should be surfing on a soft top surfboard. A foam board is really great fun for all skill levels whether you are looking for a beginner surfboard or you have so many in your collection you have lost count. One thing about a foam surfboard is that they are built to have an abundance of fun.
A while ago, most people thought buying foam surfboards meant you were deemed to have no idea about what you were doing on a wave. So turning up to the beach with a foamie was somewhat frowned upon. Let us tell you this has changed and these surfboards are those that get the most wave count and the boards that people have the most fun on. All over the world the softboard surfing world has gone crazy.

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What makes modern foam surfboards an ideal choice?

Unlike in the past, manufacturers have improved modern foam surfboards. Here are crucial features of contemporary foam surfboards:

  • A molded EPS foam core with dual wood stringers covered in fibreglass to provide flexibility and rigidity
  • To improve compression resistance and grip, the decks have an irradiation cross-linked polythene (IXPE) foam that’s non-slip
  • The bottom side of the foam surfboards is built using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) foam to increase durability and glide across the water’s surface
  • A quality board is constructed using vacuum sealed production techniques which is vital in a quality foam surfboard.

Some of the reasons why beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers should invest in foam surfboards include:

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1. Price

Regardless of your surfing skills, soft top surfboards are affordable because they cost about $300. You do not have to rent a board whereas you can buy yours at an affordable price. Even though soft surfboards are affordable, you need to research thoroughly to make the right choice. Some companies, sell their soft surfboards well over $500. Ergo, if you are looking to buy a soft surfboard, you do not have to spend a fortune. As a rule of thumb, soft surfboards are much more affordable than traditional hard boards.

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2. Durability

With a fibreglass board, you need to replace it regularly, especially after pressure dents and dings. Hence, to save money, consider investing in a surfboard that is less susceptible to damage. Soft top boards are durable because they are manufactured using materials like IXPE foam. Keeping in mind though that cheaper softboards that are heat laminated are inferior and will not last very long at all, sometimes only weeks. Any quality foam surfboard is manufactured using a vacuum sealed production technique which is highly durable but more costly to produce.

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3. Safety

Soft surfboards are safer for beginner surfers because they are well rounded, have soft rails and fins to facilitate surfing. Also, it is hard for a beginner surfer to hurt themselves when riding a soft board. Soft surfboards are lightweight and easy to use for novice surfers.

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4. Versatility

Soft boards are used on a wide range of applications, for instance, competitions and recreational purposes. Some of the features that make soft surfboards best for both worlds include their molded EPS cores, high levels of buoyancy which makes them easy to stand up on and get loads of waves.

5. Design

Modern soft surfboards are well built, with most boards drafted using computer software. To ensure the boards are of high quality, manufacturers use epoxy resins and wood stringers to add strength and stiffness. With vast designs on the market, you need to research thoroughly to choose the model that suits your surfing needs and budget.

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Do soft surfboards have any drawbacks?

Soft surfboards have a few performance limitations that can affect your surfing experience. For example, the soft rails make it challenging for surfers to drive through turns and manoeuvres. Although, the major drawback of soft surfboards is the environmental impact. Since soft top boards cannot be recycled, they go to the landfill upon breaking or getting worn out. But I guess so do fibreglass surfboards as well.

Enthusiast surfers are investing in soft-top surfboards because of their affordability, longevity, design, and versatility. The use of modern construction techniques and improved materials have revolutionized foam surfboard sales.

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