Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Equipment for stand-up paddle boarding

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

CMP Boards Australia designs and manufactures high-quality stand-up paddleboards that are customized for the Australian environment. Weekend Warriors Outdoors at Berkeley Vale is in charge of the distribution of these paddle boards and these are delivered Australia Wide. CMP offers paddle boards for both amateurs and experienced users. The great artistry employed in making the boards is worth checking out. We offer a range of paddle boards for sale and this assures you of getting something that matches your taste and needs.

The following equipment is important for stand-up paddle boarding

Keeping in mind that all CMP Boards come packaged with a Paddle and Leash if you are purchasing a Paddle Board through Weekend Warrior.

Excellent Paddle Board Design

When choosing a paddleboard look for stability in a design. Our SUP range is a dependable make that consistently performs in a range of conditions. They are light-weight, durable and glide through the water smoothly. The rider can also move forward or back because the board remains very steady. You get to change direction while paddling with little effort, with the rocker and the rail volume helping to maximize glide and flow on flat water.

We update our designs with modern features and accommodate all gender groups with our designs.

Collection of Stand up Paddle Boards

We concentrate on all rounder SUP boards which are multipurpose boards that are popular amongst our customers. They are designed for flat paddling on oceans, lakes and rivers. They also excel in small to medium waves and are perfect for families. Their length varies from 10 feet to 11 feet, four inches. These come in a variety of models including foam, thermo, epoxy and inflatable.

Why buy a CMP board brand?

CMP Boards Australia has vast experience in designing and producing quality stand up paddle board varieties and have been manufacturing these for over ten years. Yes they are a Stand up paddle Board specialist, and we have existed in the market since 2008. All designs are customized for all Australian surfing.

View our range of SUP Paddle Board Packages.

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