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Things to consider when buying a surfboard rack

Surfboard Rack – Key Components in a Quality Surf Rack

A surfboard rack is important especially if you want to keep your quiver safely stored and looking its best. When buying a surfboard rack, there are a few things you have to consider.

Surf Rack Storage

Weight and Padding

What kind of surfboard are you using? If you’re into shortboards then a simple rack should be fine. On the other hand, opt for a heavy duty rack if you’re planning to rest full-sized longboards or stand up paddle boards.

Padding can determine just how careful you’ll need to be when unloading or loading your surfboard for storing.

Surfboard Wall Rack

Installation Time

Some racks are overly complicated to install and come with a million parts, while others are intuitive and only requires a few steps.

Needless to say, you’ll want one that you should be able to assemble on your own. Also, a surfboard rack that has fewer parts are much stabler and should last longer.

Sup Storage


The rack’s structural integrity will largely depend on the material. Plastic is less durable compared to steel, and aluminum is far better than wood. The perfect board rack for you should be able to handle the load including the weight and size without any trouble. Structurally an aluminium rack is the most durable and heavy duty, suits stacking multiple surfboards and also ideal for larger products such as stand up paddle boards. You really need to think long term about the construction of any surfboard rack.

Screw and Contact Points

Similarly, contact points and screw count can give you a general idea of a surfboard rack’s overall stability. This is influenced by the overall material you are securing the surf rack to, but sometimes the solution is purchasing alternative screws.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee ensures you’ll be covered when something happens to your rack. It’s one good indicator that the manufacturer stands by their products.

A good quality rack gives you assurance that when your expensive surfboards or sup boards are being stored they are secure.

Types of Display and Storage Surfboard Racks

Ceiling Surfboard Rack

Ceiling racks do an excellent job of saving space and putting your quiver in the spotlight. These racks can be installed on ceilings and rests your board horizontally. What we love about ceiling types is that they can be expanded to accommodate more boards and are strong enough to support standard paddle boards.Surf Rack

Triple Wall Surfboard Rack

Triple wall surfboard racks rest your surfboard in a horizontal manner and can usually accommodate up to three at a time. They can be installed in your bedroom, garage or inside the house where your boards can be displayed. Padded arms allow for quick loading and unloading when the surf’s calling and you’re in a hurry.

Surfboard Storage Racks

Vertical Display Rack

Probably the most common type of surfboard rack around. You put your surfboard up vertically and have it rest in that position. It’s good for large quivers that may not do well on ceilings or walls. They’re fairly cheap and provide instant access when you need your board. Also your house will kind of look like a surf shop!

Things to consider when buying a surfboard rackSummary

Remember when purchasing a board rack that the cheapest surf rack are not always ideal and the simple fact that you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that there are so many diverse ranges of racks and they all have many attributes. Some racks are definitely built to last and hold more weight than others. Only you can decide your requirements and budget.

View our range of surfboard storage racks which are manufactured from aluminium ensuring strength to hold heavier items including stand up paddle boards.

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