Upgrading Your Current SUP Board

SUP Selection – Top 8 Things To Consider

Around Australia, the Weekend Warrior SUP boards (CMP Boards and Funky SUPS) are known to be durable, affordable and high quality. There are several reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your current paddleboard.

Opting for a stand up paddle board upgrade can boost your experience to a significant extent. To determine if this type of change is adequate for you at this time, take a look at the following information.


The Top Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Current SUP Board

Outdated SUP Model

Due to advances in technology, boards are now lighter, as well as more hydrodynamic while remaining stable. If you purchased your SUP board several years ago, you are more than likely not experiencing those mentioned above. SUP boards are continually changing in functionality, quality, and aesthetically. With the current upgrades present, there is no need for you to have a paddleboard that has a finger well for a handle or no handle whatsoever.

Insufficient Storage Space

Avoiding getting your hands on a paddleboard upgrade because in-sufficient storage space is a common reason. Fortunately, nowadays, there are inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Ever since they were present on the market, they have become one of the top go-to options for consumers. Besides being easy to store, they are light-weight and easy to handle. Although it is important to understand a Quality inflatable SUP Boards.


Inflatable Paddle Board

SUP Board Lacks Versatility

If you are like most consumers at the time of purchase, you chose a SUP board specific to your needs at that time. After undertaking several paddle-boarding adventures with it, you are more than likely in need of a model that comes accompanied with more versatile options for tracking, agility, and speed.
If you believe you are more than ready for a ride that is faster and more agile, consider the Weekend Warrior CMP Boards. It will provide you with the fore mentioned while allowing you to keep the ease and stability you acquire when using a CMP board.

Paddleboard For Sale


After using your current board for quite some time, it is reasonable to feel that you have progressed and you want to take it to the next level. The reason behind this is your level of expertise would have improved, and the board is offering to much stability. You will be better off now with one that provides just the type of balance that you require to undertake new adventures and skill levels, which could be a wave or race paddleboard.



Lack of an Innovative Aesthetic SUP Design

As the years go by, a lot of things change aesthetic wise, including paddleboards. Compared to how it was a few years ago, there is now a wide range of SUP board designs to meet the preferences of every person. There is something nice about knowing that you are a total fashionista, even when it comes to the board you opt to ride on.

Funky Sups

Your Current SUP Board Is Damaged

Accidents happen every day. If you have damaged your SUP board, you are more than likely not using it as you would want. If this is the case, it is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on a new one. One that is more innovative in the aspect of picking up speed, providing better tracking, and one that provides a smoother ride. Upgrading will help you to continue having fun.

Foam Stand Up Paddle Board

A Specialized Paddle Board Upgrade Board Has Become a Need

If you are looking to undertake more activities that require a board with unique characteristics, you need a specialized model. Several factors play a significant role when it comes to dedicated units, including shape, weight, size, and the materials utilized to structure it. There is undoubtedly a specialized SUP board that is right for you.

Sup Boards

A Change Now and Then Is Always a Good Thing

If any of the reasons above resonates, it is time for you to consider upgrading your SUP board. A change now and then is always a good thing; nonetheless, this does not mean that you should ditch your current board. You can opt to integrate it into your collection. Just like it is when letting in the new, that indeed has never failed to impress.

After 10 years of manufacturing SUP Boards we can help you select the right board for you. Visit our Full range of SUP Boards and Accessories.

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